By using this site, contacting Naia Ōkami, interacting with Naia Ōkami on social media, or by using any other digital properties owned by Naia Ōkami, you agree to be bound by her rules of engagement.

  1. Please respect Naia’s time and space. Naia juggles being a public figure with full time employment, administering multiple online communities, and performing copious amounts of investigative work pro-bono towards counter-trafficking, anti-zoosadism, and infrastructure/cybersecurity efforts. She also has a partner and real-life friends and likes to have a bit of a personal life whenever she is able to. For this reason, please respect her time and space. This means do not overly message her, avoid small talk, do not add her to group chats or other “spammy” engagements without her permission, and don’t feel as if you’re entitled to a reply from her.
  2. Please don’t ask Naia to quote her meme or make wolf noises for you. Naia is a multi-faceted person. She does not wish to be contacted asking to quote her meme, or to bark at you.
  3. Don’t ask for custom content unless you are prepared to pay for it. Naia is often asked to wish people happy birthday or otherwise make a video for a specific purpose. While in the past, she has been happy to do so, the amount of requests simply make it impossible for her to keep up and answer every request. There will be a fee involved for custom content of this nature.
  4. Don’t send Naia unsolicited evidence of a crime, court documents, police reports, or similar things. You’d be surprised how many people have done this. Naia is not a mercenary-for-hire, she is a consultant that occasionally works with both law enforcement agencies and non-profit initiatives on cases involving counter-trafficking, zoosadism, and infrastructure/cybersecurity. She is not your private investigator and does not take unsolicited work from individuals.
  5. Don’t ask Naia to date you, be your mate, or send her unsolicited advances. Naia is happily partnered. She is not interested in advances from people on the internet. Please respect this. Don’t send her sexual stuff either.
  6. Naia has a zero-tolerance policy for abusive messages, harassment, deception, or any other form of bad-faith interactions.* Naia is a girl on the internet; there’s likely nothing you can say insulting that she hasn’t already heard. Additionally, she’s not going to give you the reaction you want and you will come out of the situation looking like a fool. Don’t do it.
  7. Don’t proselytize. Naia doesn’t care about your religious views or beliefs, as long as you aren’t forcing them on her.
  8. Don’t advertise to Naia. Naia doesn’t want to read SPAM, nor does she want to join your Discord server.
  9. Don’t solicit personal information from Naia. Naia isn’t going to give you her cellphone number, information about her partner, or information about her friends and family. If she hasn’t published it, don’t bother asking.
  10. Be kind. That’s it, just be kind. There’s too much negativity in the world.
  11. No media requests. Naia will happily appear at a convention, but she will no longer appear on television or other forms of media.

*If you choose to ignore rule 6 and send Naia any communications which are abusive, harassing, deceptive, or initiated with bad-faith, you give Naia your implied consent to publish any such communications and hereby waive any reasonable expectation of privacy you may otherwise have had. Additionally, you understand and consent to the fact that your IP address, email address, and potentially other identifiers or metadata included with the communications will also be published. Obviously, it is at Naia’s discretion to determine if an interaction occurs in bad-faith.

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