By using this site, contacting Naia Ōkami, or by using any other digital properties owned by Naia Ōkami, you agree to be bound by her rules of engagement.

  1. Please respect my time and space. Don’t repeatedly message me if I don’t immediately respond to you, and understand that I have a personal life outside being a public figure. If I don’t reply to you, it probably isn’t personal.
  2. Don’t ask me to quote the meme, make wolf noises, or state a specific phrase for you. This gets particularly annoying, and if you want to hear the original meme – it’s preserved on the internet forever. I don’t need to re-create it live for you.
  3. Don’t send me romantic or sexual messages. I’m simply not interested.
  4. I have a zero tolerance policy for any abuse, harassment, deception, or bad-faith interactions.*
  5. Don’t add me to group chats or messages, ever.

*If you choose to ignore rule 4 and send me any communications which are abusive, harassive, deceptive, or initiated with bad-faith, you give me your implied consent to publish any such communications and hereby waive any reasonable expectation of privacy you may otherwise have had. Additionally, you understand and consent to the fact that your IP address, email address, and potentially other identifiers or metadata included with the communications will also be published. Obviously, it is at my discretion to determine if an interaction occurs in bad-faith. If you wish to play stupid games, you will indeed win stupid prizes.

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