Naia has a presence on Discord using the tag Naia#7741 and operates several servers, including her official Discord server for fans. This page lists the publicly available servers owned and operated by Naia.

Naia’s Den

Naia’s Den is the official home of The Wolf Girl. It’s a fan server dedicated to fans and friends of Naia Ōkami. Essentially, it is THE place to casually chill out and hang with your favorite wolf girl.

Kinmunity Discord

Kinmunity is an alterhuman community serving otherkin, the furry fandom, fictionkin, therians, vampires, plural systems, and the other-hearted. Kinmunity was first founded as Wulf Howl by Naia Ōkami in 2011. On November 25th 2014, Wolf Howl was formally shut down, and work began on Kinmunity, a new site by both Naia Ōkami and Alynna Trypnotk. The site has undergone several renovations since, with the current version being released on June 21st, 2020.

Kinmunity has an associated Discord server dedicated to the discussion of alterhuman related topics. In order to join, a account is required.