Welcome to Naia’s Den!

Hello! I’m Naia, a transgender woman who became an internet meme back in 2013. My journey into the spotlight began with my involvement in the alterhuman community, where I became known for the infamous catchphrase, “On all levels except physical, I am a wolf.” Since then, my life and career have evolved in exciting ways.

Today, I’m an alternative influencer, investigative consultant, physical penetration tester, and social activist. My work has brought me into the public eye through various media platforms. I’ve been featured on Anthony Padilla’s YouTube channel, ITV’s This Morning, Fox News’ Jesse Watters Primetime, iWonder TV’s YouTube channel, and The Daily Wire’s What Is A Woman? (unfortunately), as well as in publications like the New York Post and The Sun, among many others.

Oh; I also travel pretty frequently and I’m a frequent special guest at conventions. So if you think you’ve seen me around before, there’s a good chance you have! I’m everywhere!