This page contains the information you need in order to verify Naia’s social media and messaging accounts. If somebody claims to be Naia, you should see if the account they are using to message you (and appropriate cryptographic assurances) are listed on this page. If not, ask the person to modify this page to include the account they are using. Naia will always be willing to do this to ensure safety and security.

Cryptographic Attestations


Naia makes extensive use of GNUPG for secure communication, digital signatures, and identity verification. She’s able to verify her identity on any service by simply signing a dated attestation of ownership with her key. Her public PGP key is published to the key server and has a fingerprint of: 0472 F233 E69B 7023 18FC  FEFB 95AA 5BFC E9E7 809E.


Naia’s PGP Key contains a list of identity proofs using the specification. These proofs can be verified either manually or using a service such as Keyoxide (though, sometimes automatic verification is wonky!). Among the proofs stored to her key, proof that the DOMAIN NAME for this site is under her control is established on it. This information can be used as a root of trust for this attestation.

Claimed Accounts

The accounts listed below are owned by and under the control of Naia: