Attestation of Identity


This site, like all sites Naia owns and operates, is linked to her Keybase profile with publicly verifiable proofs of ownership. Because this site contains Naia’s attestation of identity, proof that both the DOMAIN NAME and the WEB SERVER are under her control are established there. The information on KeyBase, including proofs (when independently verified) serve as the root of trust for this attestation.


Naia makes extensive use of GNUPG for secure communication, digital signatures, and identity verification. She’s able to verify her identity on any service by simply signing a dated attestation of ownership with her key. Her public PGP key is published to the Ubuntu Public Key Server and has a fingerprint of:

B233 C13D 3A57 958C C31F C182 D6A0 3A9B C54B 0F9F

Video Attestation of PGP Key

Official Social Profiles

Naia maintains public social media accounts on the following services:

ServiceNaia’s Profile
Instagramnaiagoesawoo, local.wolfgirl, wild.wolfgirl, feral.wolfgirl, naia.opwolfeyes

In addition to the listed social media profiles, Naia maintains the following accounts for messaging and communication. The security of each platform, as well as additional information you need to know to talk securely to Naia has been included:

Security LevelServiceNaia’s AccountAdditional Information
Fully Secure (only if OTR is used)XMPPnaia@xmpp.isOTR Fingerprint: 2B4378D5 CDC4F4C6 902D9925 3B888E47 59F3AA56
Fully SecureThreema68KR6MX8Key Fingerprint: c13459f30a1686ab0de33db282ddb1f5
Fully SecureKeybasenaiaUID: 90916619f0c5f359023f03fae6126419
Reasonably Secure (only if secret chat is used)Telegram@NaiaOkamiN/A
InsecureDiscordNaia#7741ID: 98619205254930432

Certificate of Attestation

I, Naia Shiro Ōkami, hereby certify the above information is true and accurate. My signature has been applied to this text document as on Monday, the 15th day of February, in the year of 2021. My time zone at the time of certifying this document is America/New_York (UTC-5). A dated and digitally signed version of this attestation can be downloaded below for verification.