Photo of Naia Okami wearing a purple and black corset and purple shades.
The wolf girl herself!

Hi! I’m Naia Ōkami! I am most well known for the quote “On all levels except physical, I am a wolf”. Despite this being my “claim to fame”, I would much rather be known for something ANYTHING else. In reality, I am a twenty-nine year old transgender woman living in the Pacific Northwestern United States.

Despite mainly being known for my presence in the alterhuman community, I’m most proud of my work investigating individuals who do harm to animals and children, resulting in the conviction of individuals involved in child and animal sexual abuse. I am also an early advocate of the neurodiversity movement, and am one of the main people responsible founding Autistic Pride Day (celebrated each year on my birthday, June 18th) in 2005. I speak about Autism Spectrum Disorders at conferences and universities across the United States. Additionally, I advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in my home state of Georgia, and released the first guide to changing your gender marker in my state without reversible surgery in 2019.

I am an independent security researcher; I’m also a credited game programmer & technical consultant for the Massively Multiplayer Online Social Game of Furcadia.

That’s me in a nutshell outside of what I’m most commonly known for — thanks for reading!