I would like to start off this statement by stating that I do not have anything against people who de-transition. A close friend of mine thought that she was a transgender man several years ago, ended up presenting as masculine, and realizing that it was not her identity. I am still close friends with her to this day and am lucky to call her somebody close to me. She is a logical and rational person who understands that other people do not necessarily mirror her journey in life and she certainly does not attempt to use her own personal experiences or views to dictate the lives of others. Unfortunately, this is where Scott Newgent falls short.

Scott Newgent is a 47-year old transgender man who deeply regrets his transition. This is a sentiment I would normally be sympathetic to, especially given his detailed descriptions regarding the complications involved with his surgery and the ways in which he personally suffered. I can even agree with him that medical transition during childhood would usually be ill-advised. Where I cannot get on board with Newgent is that he aligns himself with perpetrators of stochastic terrorism such as Matt Walsh. He has also willingly lent his voice to ultra-right-wing pundits who’s goals are to make it difficult, financially impossible, or illegal for adults to have access to gender-affirming care, which is quite frankly unforgivable.

Willingly associating with individuals who have expressed a desire to harm the LGBTQ+ community, especially somebody as severe as Matt Walsh, is worthy of the most extreme form of condemnation. I disavow Newgent in his entirety as a result. He has become no better than the extremists he now acts as a mouthpiece for.

Statement on Scott Newgent
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