I’ve been mostly silent as of lately because I am actively working on improving my own health and wellbeing, completing professional and personal obligations, and so forth. However, I did want to offer a bit of a brief glimpse into how things are going for those who care enough to be bothered to read about it. This update contains things that have occurred over the past several months that I am comfortable sharing publicly.

  • I moved Howlr to Mastodon/Glitch-SOC. In the process of customizing it for Howlr, I discovered some bugs effecting the proper translation of upstream Mastodon which I’ve reported – this will also help international users, not just the odd few that wish to change every mention of “post” or “toot” in the software to “awoo”.
  • While I have disavowed predator bating operations due to ethics concerns I have developed over the years, I am still active in investigations and my other contributions to the fight against zoosadism and bestiality. I will be speaking on the matter in-depth with a professional colleague at an upcoming training event in January.
  • I am coming to terms with the fact, and publicly acknowledging that I am part of a plural system, and have found healthier ways to cope with and manage this fact rather than constantly attempting to cooperate with my alters in order to mask or appear singlet. I highly recommend the Antar app for communication between alters, it has worked wonders and assisted with my over-all health goals as well.
  • I’ve been contacted by people who were not included in my original apology post. I am more than willing to make amends with others who I have not mentioned and have thankfully been able to do so in a few cases, but I will not entertain hate-mail and being berated by people from my past as this is contradictory to the healing process.
  • I have started the process of removing extremely toxic people from my life, including some people I had deep care for. This is unfortunately necessary in building the life I want, including being close to those I have real connection with and want to have a healthy relationship with.
  • I have left the alterhuman community entirely, and this time, I haven’t looked back. There will always be something “wolf” about me in spirit, and “wolf” will forever be a symbol to and of me, but I no longer consider myself a part of the therianthropy, otherkin, or alterhuman communities as such.
  • I have decided to permanently retire from entertaining any media requests to do directly or remotely with my identity as wolven.

I’ll post smaller, briefer updates to the fediverse on my Howlr account, but blog posts here will be occasional and seldom. Thanks for reading!

A bit of an update
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