I’m more involved in the therian/otherkin communities than I am in the furry fandom, but I still feel that it is appropriate to make a statement on this matter. This convention is being hosted by individuals who have expressed ideologies which are completely at-odds with the culture of inclusivity that the Furry Fandom as a whole is known for. Specifically, one of the main organizers, Nicole “Peacewolf” Reno, is associated with groups that: advocate for the genocide of transgender people, promote a racist and homophobic ideology, and which have engaged in targeted harassment of marginalized people. Furthermore, a good number of convention staff have similar accusations against them and are also involved in the Furry Raiders. It is my belief that this is not a furry convention, but rather, an alt-right political rally targeting niche members of the furry fandom as its audience.

At this time, I feel confident making the following recommendations to anybody who is reasonably appalled by the behavior and conduct of Nicole Reno, Free Fur All, and the AWOO association (which, by the way, is trying to trademark the common utterance “awoo”.)

  • Do NOT contribute financially to Free Fur All in any way.
  • Do NOT contribute financially to the AWOO Association in any way.
  • Do NOT attend Free Fur All or any AWOO Association events.
  • Do NOT donate to their charity of choice, Safari’s Sanctuary, as it has faced multiple animal abuse accusations.

I do not believe that POC, LGBTQ+ identifying folx, or neurodivergent people will be safe at these events and they therefore should be avoided.

Statement on Free Fur All & AWOO Association
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