A link to a blog post here on naia.me involving my misadventures in journalistic integrity and ethics with Matt Walsh was cited by the article In What Is a Woman?, Matt Walsh asks a question, but doesn’t like the answers posted on Science Based Medicine. This article was amusingly promptly ripped and republished on CorruptionBuzz as well. As is standard practice when I am quoted in major publications, I am offering my thoughts regarding the piece in the form of an entry to my personal blog. Hopefully, this will help paint a more detailed picture. While I mostly agree with the article posted on Science Based Medicine, I would like to add the following clarifications to help people better understand:

  • I vehemently reject the label ‘transspecies’ and I have spent time and effort explaining how my identity as a wolf therianthrope does not intersect my identity as a transgender woman in the way critics like to believe and hope it does. My identity as a wolf is based on a combination of spirituality and abnormal psychology. Furthermore, I don’t intend nor desire to “transition” to wolf.
  • Despite the alarmist rhetoric being spewed from the mouth of those like Sara Stockton, being otherkin or therian is not a queer identity. It’s long been proven that the screenshots of emails about school districts providing litter boxes for furries, or otherwise accommodating furries as if being furry was a queer identity were fabricated for humor purposes.

I would like to thank the efforts of Dr. David Gorski and Dr. AJ Eckert for this wonderful article countering the bigoted and unscientific views of Mr. Walsh

Doctors know better than Matt Walsh!
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