It has come to my attention that the individual who goes by the name Eersian within the greater alterhuman community has been engaged in several behaviors which put multiple identifiable people within the community at elevated risk of harm. At this time, it is believed that the abusive pattern of behavior they have exhibited on display for the past several years is worthy of public documentation. As such, a community security notice will be issued. It is recommended that those who currently associate with Eersian cease doing so for their own safety and mental wellbeing. It is also recommended at this time that administrators, moderators, and leaders within the alterhuman community take steps to exclude Eersian from your spaces, as they have an extensively documented history of harassment against others.

Eersian has been banned from Kinmunity since July of 2020 after engaging in malicious harassment against various members of our staff and administrative team. The harassment and bad behavior on-site was so severe that rather than follow the usual steps of progressive discipline, the community management team of Kinmunity opted to immediately and permanently refuse service to Eersian outright. Eersian responded to this refusal of service by publishing libel about site staff members on his personal twitter, and allegedly, on Kiwi Farms. Over the past two years, he has engaged in an aggressively escalating campaign of cyberstalking, harassment, and defamation against me in particular. However, his bad behavior does not stop at Kinmunity and its staff members.

It should be noted, that Eersian’s Therian-Guide account is permanently banned, with the reason provided as “Pathological Liar – Banned”. Kinmunity does not maintain a diplomatic relationship with Therian-Guide, so we unfortunately do not have any additional information about this ban. However, it should be a point of note, that two large alterhuman communities with a long historical record of differences and disagreements independently came to the conclusion to exclude this users. Finally, on 01/02/2022, Eersian posted “I’m banned from all of the therian forums except Werelist, wanna see me get banned there too?” with a gif image of SpongeBob Squarepants captioned “Wanna see me do it again”. Eersian followed up with a post titled “And banned” with a screenshot of the Werelist “You have been banned” message.

On at least two occasions, the harassment from Eersian had gotten so severe, that the author of this security notice had sent formal cease & desist notices to Eersian regarding the behavior. Eersian routinely publishes falsehoods about people he dislikes, stalks their social media accounts (even bypassing blocks), and encourages others to harass his targets. Eersian will then point the finger at his victims, saying they are in fact, actually stalking him. On 07/02/2022, the situation had escalated to the point where this author’s local law enforcement agency would be made aware of the stalking. This author was encouraged to file for an cyberstalking protective order against Eersian. 

Stay safe, and avoid interacting with this individual if at all possible.

ACC_STATUS/Kinmunity: Banned

ACC_STATUS/Werelist: Banned

ACC_ STATUS/Therian-Guide: Banned


Click here to view the evidence thread.

Community Security Notice – Eersian / Eersian_theDwarf
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