The type of work I do has been alluded to and briefly discussed in various interviews that I’ve given to the press, but it has never been discussed in detail. The reason for this is multi-faceted, but essentially, the work I do involves the handling of confidential information or materials, the work I do may be triggering to a large number of people in the population, and the less I talk about what I do and how I do it, the more effective I feel I can be at it. However, I have gotten various questions from people about the type of work I do and due to recent cases I’ve been involved in, I feel a bit of a disclosure and explanation should be given. You’ll have to understand that there are some things I cannot talk about and some answers I cannot give. A general trigger warning is applied to this blog post for obvious reasons.

I am an independent consultant who specializes in providing support in investigating crimes against animals (specifically, zoosadism), human trafficking, and child sexual abuse where the internet is involved. My work has directly contributed to the arrest and conviction of multiple child predators, animal abusers, and a host of other people who were found to be committing unspeakable acts. I specifically specialize in human source management, cyber investigations, open source intelligence, and undercover cyber operations. I’ve been doing this sort of work in a professional capacity for the past three years, but have been doing it as an amateur for far longer than I care to admit. I’ll answer some of the questions I most frequently get asked below:

Q: How do you do what you do?

A: A lot of what I do is simply finding the right people, talking to them, and more importantly — listening to them. This sounds easy enough, but some of the people that I have to be extremely friendly to and have a good rapport and relationship with are people who it’s quite frankly hard to share the same space with. Occasionally, when talking to people, I will use characters or personas with established backstories, opinions, and behaviors which differ greatly from my own. Rarely, I will simply interact with people as myself and see what they have to tell me. I also, when appropriate, use technology to aid in my investigations.

Q: Aren’t you just getting in the way of law enforcement?

A: No. In fact, I often act as a consultant to various law enforcement agencies. My role in any investigation is that of a consultant and private citizen, and if law enforcement at any time does not wish for my assistance, I respectfully disengage. Sometimes, I am involved in cases which law enforcement would not otherwise be aware of, and I provide them with the information necessary to begin an investigation that wouldn’t have otherwise been on their radar.

Q: What cases have you worked on? Who have you helped put away?
A: As a matter of policy, I generally do not answer this question or talk about cases I was involved in. I will state that I had involvement in the conviction of Matthew “Cupid The Deer” Grabowsky, only because my involvement has already been reported publicly by a third party.

Q: I need your help / I’d like to report something / Can you take a look at X?
A: You would be better off reporting criminal activity to your local law enforcement agency than to me directly. Any investigation I perform of criminal activity results in evidence eventually being turned over to law enforcement. I’m also often dealing with many situations at once and cannot spend additional time validating and pursuing unauthenticated leads. If you absolutely must contact me, please see my contact page. DO NOT SEND ME PHOTOGRAPHIC OR VIDEO EVIDENCE OF A CRIME FOR ANY REASON.

Q: I’d like to do what you do, how can I get involved?
A: No… no you wouldn’t. Humor aside, a lot of what I do is emotionally and mentally taxing work even for someone who’s been doing it for years and has been left largely desensitized as a result. If you’re under the age of eighteen, getting involved in this is something you absolutely do not need to do. If you’re over eighteen and are absolutely sure you wish to do this sort of work, I would recommend brushing up on your skills and attempting volunteer with a reputable non-profit organization which performs this type of work.

A bit about my work…
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