I’m not quite sure what a significant portion of the world seems to have against transgender people, but the climate of hatred and intolerance that has been brewing in the world, especially within the United States as of lately, legitimately has me terrified. The trend of anti-transgender bills that were being passed in 2021 only continued in 2022, various sports organizations have also banned or heavily restricted transgender athletes from competing, Florida’s Ron DeSantis continues to be deplorable in every possible way, and as many people are probably aware, the state of Texas is plummeting into the dark ages. These types of policy implementations seriously effect the mental health and wellbeing of transgender Americans, especially youth, who are among the most vulnerable in our population. The term “genocidal” has been used lately to describe these efforts, much to the amusement of people on the political right, who assume it’s ridiculous hyperbole — but is it?

We are arguably at stage four of the ten stages of genocide. Transgender people are being classified, discriminated against, and dehumanized by people with significant political power and influence, as well as right-wing media. We’re not out there trying to “trap” straight people, we’re not out there trying to assault your children, we simply wish to live, pursue happiness, and have an adequate quality of life. The fact that some states are pushing to limit access to gender affirming care absolutely terrifies me. My transition, which is still in progress, has literally contributed to saving my life. These policies will kill people. This is not an ideology, this is not a politcal movement, we are HUMAN BEINGS and this is an organized effort to kill a class of human beings.

  • The restriction to access of gender affirming care needs to stop.
  • The demonization of transgender people in the media needs to stop.
  • The attack on the recognition of others’ gender identity needs to stop.
  • The attacks on transgender children need to stop.

This is killing people. Have some humanity and stop it already. This sort of thinking, behavior, and acting of policy is nothing short of genocidal and if you think it’s a joke or we’re over-reacting, something is wrong with you.

It’s time to prevent a genocide.
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