A couple of quotes from me (and a kind link-back to Naia.me) were featured in Current Affairs’ scaving review of Matt Walsh’s infamous What Is A Woman? documentary. I’m extremely pleased that the manipulation and deception engaged in by their production team is being exposed out in the open in larger publications than my tiny blog and a few Twitter accounts.

Walsh lied to participants in order to secure their consent to participate, going so far as to represent himself as being part of a fake organization called the Gender Unity Project. That interviewee, Naia Ōkami, is a transgender woman who is also part of the “otherkin” community—people who identify as animals. It’s clear Walsh is speaking to her because he wants to expose transgender identities as being as ridiculous as “thinking you’re an animal.”

Nathan J. Robinson, Current Affairs

In addition to exposing the dishonest tactics used by Walsh’s documentary crew, Robinson goes further and explains that Walsh making fun of somebody for identifying as otherkin or therian on a spiritual or psychological basis while also having deeply-held spiritual beliefs himself is hypocritical to say the least. It’s an excellent critical look at the production that isn’t simply a right-wing echo chamber praising the documentary for “asking the question you aren’t allowed to ask”, which is a ridiculous sentiment itself.

Personally, I think it’s reasonable to call Ōkami a wolf, because I understand that words have multiple meanings. I also think that Walsh, as a practicing Catholic who presumably holds the belief that bread and wine can literally become the body and blood of Christ, ought to perhaps be a little cautious before laughing at other people’s belief in animal spirits.

Nathan J. Robinson, Current Affairs

I would highly recommend giving his review a read, by clicking the button below!

WIAW Reviewed by Current Affairs, featuring Naia!
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