It has come to my attention that the individual who goes by the names Thorn, Thorn Tundra, and Kyra within the greater therian community and operates multiple social media communities under the name Therian Territory, has allegedly engaged in several behaviors which put people in the alterhuman community at risk of harm. At this time, it is believed the abusive pattern of behavior they have exhibited is worthy of public documentation. As such, a community security notice will be issued. It is recommended that those who currently associate with them cease doing so for their own protection..

It is alleged that Alpha Thorn allowed a known sexual predator to participate within Therian Territory, further providing the individual access to minors. Alpha Thorn even suggested that the predator leave and change their username to avoid detection by other members and staff. This behavior on Thorn’s part is an absolute violation of their duty of care for minors within their community. 

Furthermore, Alpha Thorn operates a pack which, under The BITE Model of Authoritarian Control, could be described as a cult practicing emotional control of its members. Additionally, Alpha Thorn has made defamatory and slanderous statements against those who have spoken out against their bad behavior, myself included.

The following actions will be taken on Kinmunity as a result:

  • Alpha Thorn’s implied consent to connect to the site is hereby revoked.
  • Links to communities operated by Therian Territory will be censored.
  • Therian Territory will be listed on Kinmunity’s “Unsafe Resources List”.


Click here to view the evidence thread.

Community Security Notice – Alpha Thorn / Thorn Tundra / Kyra / Therian Territory
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