Today I learned that I have a page in the Internet Movie Database, which was kind of surprising and unexpected. Unfortunately, it lists my appearance in Matt Walsh’s terrible “What is a Woman?” documentary, which I vehemently disavow and despise. But other than that small fact, I think it’s pretty cool and I was really surprised to see it. I submitted some brief updates to it over the course of today including a link to this blog. It’s just a neat little fact about myself that not even I knew.

In other news, my TikTok Account is starting to get popular again and I’m newly eligible for creator fund on my new account. I don’t get a ton of money for it or anything but it does help supplement my income a little bit. It’s also nice to have a platform again because, as much as I don’t care what others think, it does help my self esteem a little bit to get kind messages from some of my followers. I’ll try to post on there fairly regularly, but I can’t exactly promise a schedule or anything because I work full time. Feel feee to follow me on there.

I also went on a date with somebody new today. I’m exploring actually being polyamorous and getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new potential partners. It doesn’t mean I lose care for those I already care for, just that I’m expanding my horizons. She’s really cool and I can’t wait to go on more fun dates with her. It was super fun and it’s nice not to rely on one person for everything.

So says the wolf, the owls are not what they seem.

I’ve got an IMDB!?
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