Howlr is a social networking site intended to function like a popular bird-themed site you probably already use, but without the musky smell of Elon. Jokes aside, Howlr is a microblogging social networking service which is powered by Pleroma. It’s like bird-site, if bird-site respect your privacy and also connected to (federated with) other similar sites and allowed communication between users of each. Users of Howlr are able to communicate with users of other similar federated social networking sites, like those also powered by Pleroma or even Mastodon or similar technologies. It’s honestly pretty great and has some features you won’t find on its larger relative, such as:

  • The ability to use formatted (bold, italic, underlined, etc.) text in awoos (we don’t call them tweets!)
  • The ability to restrict the scope of your awoos and control exactly who can see them and who can interact with them.
  • The ability to react to awoos with various graphical icons, instead of simply liking or repeating them.
  • The ability to add custom meta-data to your profile rather than just a simple bio.
  • The ability to theme the look and feel of the site.
  • The ability to use keywords to hide triggering awoos that you don’t wanna see.
  • The ability to import and export data from and to similar sites on the fediverse; you’re in control!
  • As previously mentioned, the ability to communicate with other users across the fediverse, even if they’re not on Howlr!
  • There’s no Elon Musk or Donald Trump on the platform!

We also have a friendly and active staff team to help moderate things, and we aren’t ran by a large company. Because Howlr is powered by open source software, you can trust it a lot easier than you can trust the big blue bird. Why not give us a try?

Introducing…. Howlr!
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