Back in 2021, I was contacted by a producer for “The Gender Unity Project” under false pretenses. The producer claimed they were making a documentary about transgender people, transitioning, and they also wanted to discuss my therian/otherkin identity. They deceived me, various professionals, and many other transwomen into participating in an ambush interview with Matt Walsh, a conservative commentator known for being involved in the “gender critical” movement and for writing the transphobic book “Johnny The Walrus”. My interview was solicited under false pretenses, and Matt (who I was unaware of at the time) asked intentionally provocative and leading questions. Despite my appearance in the production, I vehemently disavow it.

My appearance is used without my informed consent, and any consent to appear in this production was obtained under coercion, false pretenses, and distortion of truth. At this time, I am exploring actions that I can take in order to lessen the damage to the transgender community posed by this production, including but not limited to legal action. I vehemently oppose the message and efforts of Matt Walsh and find it absolutely disgusting that he went through absurd lengths to entrap people into participating in his publicity stunt. If you’ve been victimized by this project, get in touch, I would like to share experiences and potentially coordinate action.
I have asked Matt Walsh both publicly and privately to remove my segment and stated my intention to withdraw participation and revoke consent, and to this date, I have yet to receive a response from this bad-faith actor.


Addendum – The Recruitment Process

I was recruited to participate for Matt Walsh’s video under false pretenses by a woman named Rebecca Dobkowitz. She falsely identified herself as Rebecca Therese in all communications with me. Per my rules of engagement, I reserve the right to release transcripts of abusive conversations – I firmly believe this qualifies. As such, I have attached transcripts of the recruitment by Dobkowitz in PDF form:

Statement on “What Is A Woman?” by Matt Walsh
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