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Recent allegations made against The Therian Guide have caused the safety of the site to be called into question. Particularly, at this time, I believe the site to be extremely unsafe for users under the age of eighteen. However, due to a pattern of threats made by the administrators against further users, I also believe the site to be unsafe for adults to use as well. The links above detail the allegations made, and provide evidence to back them up. A summary can be found below.

The allegations levied against the site can summarized as the following, from least to most severe.

  1. Administrators have the ability to read private messages of users on the site, and they hide this fact.
  2. Therian Guide employs several cult-like tactics to retain members, and ensure they ignore criticism of the site.
  3. Administrators have threatened critics of the site.
  4. An Administrator has allegedly groomed and had sexual conversations with minors on the site.

As numerous pieces of evidence have come to light surrounding these accusations in the past several days, I urge all current and prospective users of therian-guide to discontinue accessing the site at once. If you have been subjected to threats, sexual enticement, or other illegal behavior on behalf of the administration team of this site, please immediately contact law enforcement.

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