What!?: I think I’m An Animal

I was featured on What!?: I Think I’m An Animal in 2013. This documentary aired on LogoTV in the United States and on TLC and other networks around the world. My appearance in this documentary is what spawned the infamous meme “On all levels except physical, I am a wolf”. Despite this being the source of my notoriety, I feel this documentary misrepresented me, the community I am a part of, and all who participated within it. This appearance occurred before my transition, and I am known by my former name, Shiro Ulv.

Owning It

In a step towards the right direction, I was featured in an MTV Special called “Owning It” in an approximately one minute short. MTV collaborated heavily with me throughout the entire process, and ensured my statements were unaltered and accurate when presented. At my request, they also provided an animation. Although the animation could be better, I was generally happy with this appearance. Although, like my prior appearance, it occurred before my transition, and I am known by my former name, Shiro Ulv.


I spent a day with OTHERKIN (People who aren’t entirely human) – Anthony Padilla

I was interviewed by well-known YouTube Anthony Padilla for his “I spent a day with…” series. I was extremely pleased with the outcome and quality of this interview, and would absolutely not mind working with him again. I do feel like the other subject he interviewed with represents a completely different faction/subset of the otherkin community which I am not a part of, but I did enjoy the contrasting and after interacting with Luis, found him to be a nice and genuine person. My only criticism is the title card depicting human pups, rather than otherkin.

On All Levels Except Physical I Am A Wolf With Naia Okami – iWonder

iWonderTV (formerly Wizard of Odd) did a short biography on me, available on his YouTube channel.

Radio & Podcasts

Jack 96.9

Naia was interviewed by Jack 96.9 in a segment titled “You might be a werewolf…” Because this was pre-transition, Naia was referred to as “Shiro” and with “he/him” pronouns. She came out as transgender after this interview occurred.

Furry Trash Podcast

Naia was featured in Episode 29 of the Furry Trash Podcast.

Print Media

The Seattle Times

Naia was featured in The Seattle Times, where she was photographed free-running with members of her pack!

Pacific Standard Magazine

Naia was featured in Pacific Standard Magazine in an article titled “My Life as a Therian”. She disapproves of the photo used in this article.


Naia has made appearances at multiple conventions, including but not limited to: Gump City Con, Jekyll & Hyde Horror-Comic Con, Savannah Mega Comic Con, Savannah Animazing Con, and more!